If you are planning on downsizing, it can be a daunting task filled with unplanned and unforeseen obstacles. We can assist you through every step of the process with a complete suite of services.

Our services include:

  • Selling your current home
  • finding you a new home, apartment or assisted living facility
  • sorting, packing,unpacking, moving
  • cleaning/preparing your home for sale
  • shipping assets to family members
  • managing extra/unwanted assets
  • getting you settled in your new home

We manage the details, so that you can move to the next phase of your life comfortably and without worries.

We realize that every clients needs can be different, so we offer our services in several different ways:

Complete Real Estate & Downsize– We manage the entire process of selling your home and handling every step of the downsizing process.  We handle all of the details, so that you don’t have to but you remain in control during the entire process.

Real Estate Only–  We will manage the sell of your home utilizing the best program and process in order to fit your needs and goals.

Downsize Only– You decide from our suite of services which will work best for you and your situation and we will build the proper solution to manage the transition from start to finish.

With Redfield Estate Services you decide your needs, we handle all of the details and you stay in control. You move onto your next phase in life knowing we have your best interests at heart and will handle your needs with care and respect.

Why take on this process on your own?  We provide the knowledge and solutions to make the transition with ease.