Redfield Estate Services will manage the sale, disposal or donation of the items not wanted or needed during the downsizing or estate management process.

Our dynamic online auctions reach thousands of potential buyers and have resulted in selling those items to buyers in every state and even internationally.  Offering items online exposes them to thousands of people instead of a small and group and gives us the ability to choose starting and ending times, days, load out schedules and etc.  It also allows us to handle more than one event at a time.

Our online catalogs get thousands of views from potential buyers worldwide.  When was the last time you saw thousands of people lined up for an estate sale?

If you have items to sell, is the outlet we use to reach a very broad market and sell goods in a timely manner yet in line with our core direction of client needs.

Redfield Auction Gallery is designed to handle partial or complete contents of home. It is not designed to sell a handful of items or individual pieces.  We handle the furniture, collectibles, jewelry, art, general merchandise, tools, lawn and garden items and even the cars, boats, RV’s and trucks.