Redfield has over 15 years’ experience in conducting sales for estates! We provide a full Estate Service plan that maximizes returns while assisting you during these difficult times. Redfield is the trusted name for families and individuals who have been entrusted with managing an estate or downsizing their loved ones.  We have conducted sales in over 40 states and internationally, so we have the expertise and experience to manage and market your assets to a broad audience.  The staff at Redfield has gone through extensive training to utilize the latest in digital advertising techniques to insure our clients belongings receive maximum exposure.

We offer clients a choice of having an estate sale, an auction, or a combination of both. Not all sales are equal and some estates perform better with a traditional tagged sale and in some cases, can benefit from doing a combination of Auction & Tagged Estate Sale. Let the professionals at Redfield assist you in all aspects of your estate or downsizing.  Contact us today for a no cost or obligation consultation.

For expensive and intricate pieces, we have relationships with auction companies all over the United States who specialize in certain assets. We recently handled an estate in South Mississippi where there were pieces that needed to be sold either to international or a nationwide audience. We sent a jade crusted wine cup to an associate in Beverly Hills. The jade wine cup sold for nearly $9,000 and the auction had over 300 bidders online from 13 countries.